Methil Heritage Trail

Point 4



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Point 4

Welcome to Lower Methil. We are now turning off the main road and entering Lower Methil. The development of this town is closely linked with the docks we just passed.

Behind you, you’ll see Gospel Hall, which, amongst other things, has been a knitted stocking factory. Try the front door – if it’s open, pop your head in and learn a little more. Across the road, you’ll see a bungalow – this is known as “The house that got saved”. If you’d like to know why, call into Methil Heritage Centre, and ask about the story!

The Larger houses to the left of Gospel Hall are known as “Pilots Houses”. These houses were built for the “pilots” or drivers of the boats that travelled from Methil Docks. Being the captain of a boat comes with lots of responsibility, so the larger houses reflected this status.

Follow to road to the right.

Selfie Challenge!
Feeling fit? For a quick selfie challenge, head to the top of Toboggan Road steps and snap a great view of the oil rigs in the Firth of Forth! We’ll talk more about these later. •And why is it called Toboggan Road? •In the snowy winter, this is where local children would come and slide down the bank on sledges and kitchen trays!
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