Methil Heritage Trail

Point 3



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Point 3

Across the road once stood the Innerleven hotel, built to accommodate commercial travellers who were doing business in the area. They may have been buying or selling goods, taking orders, and gathering information; these are the days before everybody had a telephone.

Behind you is Methil Docks. Formerly, this was one of the largest ports in Scotland carrying coal, wood-pulp for paper and much more. Today it home to East Fife Football Club, BRAG Enterprises, a renewable energy centre and a number of businesses including Stuart’s bakery – pop down for a cream cake on your journey!

Continue along the road, using the crossing and taking the junction.

What's in a name?
Innerleven is perhaps the most renamed place in Fife having been called Cold Coits, Salt-Grieves and now known as Dubbieside.
Phones for the few
“In the 1940s, my grandfather had a phone at his place of business because he worked for a shipping merchant and had to make long distance phone calls. My father who ran a chip shop didn’t have a phone and didn’t really need one” – Mary, local resident.
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