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Point 13



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Point 13

These towers were built in 1968 to house local people. At 14 stories high and housing 74 homes each, they are the tallest tower blocks in Levenmouth. They are named Swan Court and Memorial Court.

Built as a low-cost and modern way to house local people to address a housing shortage created by the large families coal miners often had. Even though the industry in the area was starting to decline, the number of people needing housing was increasing.

Approach to Turbine
7MW - HUGE, and the future of energy
And have you EVER seen a wind turbine as HUGE as this one? I doubt it as it’s one of the largest and most technologically advanced wind turbines in the world. Named Seven-M-W and standing nearly two hundred meters tall, it is a part of the H100 Fife project, it generates electricity to provide hydrogen gas to approximately 300 homes in Buckhaven and Methil. This innovative scheme will provide residents with free hydrogen-ready boilers and cookers for a period of five and a half years. The initiative is significant as it marks a shift towards the use of clean energy for domestic heating.
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Harland And Wolff
The giant warehouse you can see by the docks is home to Harland and Wolff. Established in 1861 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, is among the most renowned shipbuilding companies globally. Famous for constructing the RMS Titanic, the company played a significant role in maritime engineering, building many of the world's most iconic ocean liners, warships, and merchant vessels through the 20th century. Over the years, the company's focus has shifted towards offshore construction and renewable energy projects, adapting to the decline in shipbuilding. Despite facing financial challenges and changes in ownership, Harland and Wolff remains a symbol of Scotland’s industrial heritage and continues to contribute to the maritime and energy sectors. Today they build, amongst other things, wind turbines for distribution around Europe.
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