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Point 11



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Point 11

The road heading up the hill is Fisher Street. Named after Mr Fisher who owned a large shop on the main street named Fisher’s Emporium. This road leads to Upper Methil where we explore later on the trail. The steep road proved such a physical challenge for Mr Fisher that towards the top of the road he installed a handrail to aid his walk from his home to the shop!

Don’t worry, our tour goes a different way. Head back to the main road and continue in the direction you were following towards the large cream towers in the distance.

The Cannons
From the mid-1900s to 2015 this building was used as a doctor’s surgery and was named The Cannon’s. Why is this? Well for many years, the building had two cannons outside! Nobody knows what happened to those cannons now. What do you think happened to them?
The Ex-Servicemen's Club
On the other side of the road in Methil Ex-servicemen’s Club, originally named the Docker’s Club after the people working on the docks, is still in operation today entertaining the local people with regular events.
1WMHC.p.0992 Wonder Store Commercial Street
The Wonderstore!
And on the opposite corner, the building where the funeral director’s now stands was a store like no other! Named “The Wonder Store” this shop sold everything you can imagine under one roof! Started by a man called William Webster who started off by selling soap from door to door, he established his first shop in 1931. For decades the shop was such a huge success he had to open multiple branches all within Methil. Sadly in 1975 a huge fire devastated the shop and although the shop was reopened within days, sadly the business never fully recovered.
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