The Silverburn Loop

Point 8



Distance (m)


# Steps


Point 8

Take the path inland and towards the trees in the distance, away from the beach.

Be aware of golfers on both your left and right. Do not disturb their game and be aware of who is playing at that moment. You do NOT want to be hit by a golf ball and it is your responsibility to keep yourself safe.

You will see a gate on your right hand side. Do not pass through this – this is the disused railway line which travels through to Lundin Links. This is a very dangerous path as it is a very active golf course and we do not encourage you to travel down here.

Continue down the path into the wooded area.

Sharing the space
We are very lucky in Scotland that we have the right to roam. This means that, most of the time, we can walk where we like. However, we must also be responsible and share the space with other users.
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