The Silverburn Loop

Point 6



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Point 6

Continue along the road, being aware of traffic. Usually, you’d be able to follow the promenade path, however the devastating storms of winter 2023-2024 have damaged the path here irreversibly.

Travel past the skate park, play area, outdoor gym and accessible BBQ tables. At the end of the road is the caravan park where we have a decision to make.

Following the path down to the beach will take you along the beach itself and to our next check point. This route is suitable when the tide is out, is generally safer and gives you the best views.

An alternative route is to the left of the caravan site following the side of the golf course. This route runs a higher risk of being struck by a golf ball, so you are advised, where possible, to follow the beach.

Leven Links golf course
Leven Links Golf Course
Levenmouth is home to some amazing golf courses and this one here, Leven Links is one of the best. In fact it has been known to host the qualifying rounds for the World Famous Open Golf Championships! Leven, after the town of course, and Links describing a golf course adjacent to the sea such as this. Please be aware when walking along the side of the golf course that this an active playing site. There is always a risk of being hit by golf balls. Check your surroundings, share the land, shhh...don't distract or disturb the players. Thank you. Visitors are invited to play; pop into the shop for more information!
Leven Skatepark
Leven Skatepark was, once upon a time, a swimming pool! Sitting right here on the promenade, it was a very popular place for families to come and enjoy swimming without going in the salty sea. Eventually the pool was closed and became a skatepark which itself proved equally popular with people of all ages. Today, we're in the process of rebuilding our skatepark which will stop it from flooding and allow a new generation of skateboarders, BMXers, roller-bladers and scooter riders to learn new skills and techniques in this fantastic setting.
Outdoor Gym
Check out the outdoor gym where you can get fit while enjoying the views. Stay as long as you can trying each different piece of equipment.
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