Leven to Lower Largo

Point 4



Distance (m)


# Steps


Point 4

Continue along the promenade enjoying the views. Cross the grass towards the small gardens. Can you see a large blue dog? He’s our next check point!

Postcards from Fife - Levenmouth's Mascot
Hello, my name is Postcards from Fife, but my friends call me Postie. I was originally part of a trail called Scotties by the Sea, and when it was time for the trail to finish, the wonderful people of Levenmouth decided to come together and buy me so I can live on Leven promenade forever. I love this area! The views are terrific, I can walk for miles, but my favourite thing is the people! They smile when they see me, take my photo and even let their dogs sniff me! I feel like a celebrity. It is very important that you don’t sit on me. I am quite fragile, my paint will scratch easily and I cannot support the weight of a human. Please look after me so I can make people smile for years to come. Woof Woof, Postie https://welcometolevenmouth.co.uk/postie/
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