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Point 7

The origins of the Largo St David’s Church, which sits on Lower Largo’s Main Street, date back to 1768. Prior to then, Largo Kirk in Upper Largo was the main place of worship for the Parish. Disagreement over the selection of a new minister in 1768 led to a group of dissenters leaving Largo Kirk ‘lifting their Bibles and quitting the Establishment’ to form a new congregation and meeting in open air as an independent church. The new congregation were given land by Mr Durham to build a church. 

A United Presbyterian Member wrote to the Dundee Courier in 1884 telling a story about the building of the church around 1771 – “men, women and children were alike zealous, and when the masons towards the end of their day’s labours left off their work for the want of material, they were often surprised next morning to find an abundant supply – the men with barrows, the women with their aprons, and children with creels, having procured it for them overnight from the beach which skirts the village”. 

The original church stood just east of the present building but eventually became too small and the existing church, started in 1871 was opened in July of 1872. The last service at St David’s was held in January 2018. 

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